Tide of economic liberalization in China was born in shandong province lei light steel structure engineering co., LTD. Is founded,Located in yanzhou shandong province economic development zone。By courtesy of leaders at all levels、The social from all walks of life and the vast majority of customer support,After a light lei company12Years of rapid development,Have the professional manufacture of steel structure workshop、High-rise residential、Bridges、Rack、Power plant and other high-level large-span steel structure work、The strength of civil construction。Light lei has now become a company set design、Production and installation for the integration of large-scale modern enterprise。Company as the national steel structure professional contracting qualification enterprise、The first-grade qualification of national steel structure manufacture enterprise、The national key steel structure production base,It happenedHSteel、High frequency welding steel、Pipe truss、Retaining plate and so on a number of advanced production line,All kinds of production、Detection equipment is complete,The annual output of steel structure30Thousands of tons。

Shandong lei light steel structure engineering co., LTD

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