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  Meizhou city meijiang travel agency co., LTD is approved by national tourism administration,Tourism enterprises with independent legal person qualification。China QingLv group members,Is the guangdong area larger、One of the international travel service comprehensive strength is very strong。Her and domestic tourism business。
  The company since its production,Always stick to“And progress+Honest and kind”The core values,Adhering to the“Sincerely make friends、The good faith management、Spontaneous life、By heart”The management idea,Will be“Do the most responsible tourism enterprises in China”As a vision,Stick to it“Jinan precision farming,Rooted in hunan province,To the world,Service to the country”The strategic goal,With more quality products、A more perfect service to do“Chinese preferred tourist brand”。Your selection,Is our greatest pleasure!Your satisfaction,Is our best reward!

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