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Relations hardware products co., LTD(The original relations hardware products factory)Located in the dongting lake of hunan province, China, is a professional manufacturer、Management of special fasteners co., LTD。Has the production of steel、The material such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy metric、The American system、Rivet nut series products and core pulling rivets series product experience,And at the same time the production of various types of rivet nut。Company products are widely used in machinery、A car、Airlines、The ship、Railway locomotive、Distribution switchgear、The elevator、air conditione、Building、Bags、Furniture、Kitchen, leisure products and other fields。 The company in line with quality first、Service first、The spirit of customer first principle。Wholeheartedly for the majority of users to provide better quality、More cost-effective products and services。 C... [MORE + ]

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The service hotline: 0736-2891789 13507365068(Wu)


The company address: Chang DE city of hunan province hanshou place in Shanghai yangsi road town8Number

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