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Shenzhen hing day sheng textile co., LTD

The company was founded in2007Years01Month31Day,Is a focus on the back glue Velcro custom wholesale(Processing)Professional supplier。The company since its establishment,Commitment to take、The rope、The development of the industry,To keep pace with The Times,Powerful network platform、The professional team of the company、Familiar with the marketing team of the market and special services,To create excellent enterprises back glue Velcro custom field。We always adhere to the“The good faith、Pragmatic、Innovation、Beyond”The core values,Comprehensive implementation“To zero complaint as the ultimate goal,Starting point is good service requirements”The service tenet,Win-win cooperation with our clients。

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【The fleece back glue Velcro】The price,Wholesale,Which is good(Telephone counseling),Update time:2019-01-05

【The fleece back glue Velcro】The price,Wholesale,Which is good(Telephone counseling)

3MGlue Velcro1.Color:Black.White2.Specifications:2CM-11CM3.Thickness:1.6-1.8MM(The single side)4.Models:9448A5.  Product use:6.  .1.The door has a sound,To use3mLamination rough posted on the door。2.To use3mThe bottom of the back glue hook in the plastic stick floor MATS,Play a fixed role。3.Fixed navigator,Especially when mobile navigation,Any harvest,Need not when torn off,Does not affect cell phone use。4.Fixed model aircraft batteries,The ship、Cars such as vibration transport temporary fixed objects。5.When a family to decorate the frame,The photo is fixed,Without nails。Don't damage the walls。6.Fixed window screening,Once and for all,Less common back glue Velcro is half a year,Long is one year,Glue will fail,Life is short,3MThe service life of gum3-5Years,Without climbing up and down in the screen every year,As long as washing gauze,Energy save cost,To reduce trouble。7.Temporary fixed computer peripheral equipment,Quick installation,And so on,Is lossless。The piano,Keyboard instruments such as temporary fixed objects,Don't have to worry about loss instrument table

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