Ice cube cold cloud management

1.Cold room

Comprehensive perception of the rolls multipoint temperature and humidity、Library door switch、The wind curtain switch running state and alarm, etc

2.Cooling fan

Comprehensive perception refrigeration defrosting state、Cooling fan switch and alarm、Energy consumption such as running state

3.Computer room equipment unit

Overall sense of compressor、Oil cooling、Bucket of pump unit、Pressure of storage tank and other equipment、The temperature、Liquid level、The switch、Report to the police、Energy consumption such as running state


Comprehensive perception of outdoor environment temperature and humidity,The condensing pressure,Pool level,Fan, water pump switch and alarm、Energy consumption such as running state

Ice cube refrigeration management for the customer to solve these problems

The solution

Break through the limit,Mobile manager anytime and anywhere

Support the computer、Set of mobile terminals and authority,From the management of the mobile phone to the computer field engineers,Anytime and anywhere as the cold storage、Refrigeration system state。To check the case

Beyond the artificial,7*24Second level monitoring

Automatic meter reading,Real-time monitoring of cold storage、The refrigeration system150A variety of data,Any exception alarm immediately to all the managers all platform。To check the case

Fault early warning,Save for a rainy day

Refrigeration technology based on data analysis of the model,Help engineers through the relationship between different indicators,In front of the temperature and humidity changes found refrigeration system fault symptom,Avoid unnecessary loss。To check the case

Lean management,To control energy consumption

From the macro situation,To a concrete analysis of the data,Help grasp the energy consumption of every detail,Lead the lean management,To control energy consumption。To check the case

Rapid positioning problem,The scope of control risk

Professional charts and data analysis,Easily identify the problem,Substantial savings problem screen time,The risk control within a certain range。To check the case

Professional data index,Power positioning problem,Reduce the maintenance cost

Professional data index were calculated based on industry standards,Help accurate grasp equipment health,Good guide、Professional maintenance to reduce system failure rate,Avoid the high maintenance cost,Security equipment service life。To check the case

A platform,Manage all cold storage equipment

Group headquarters directly manage all its cold storage and refrigeration system,Greatly improve the efficiency of management,The realization of the rational allocation of resources,Promote enterprise efficient operation。

Visual effect,Enhance the brand value

Visualization、Intelligent refrigeration management mode,Help enterprise strength,Increase the bargaining chips,Enhance the brand value。

Never leave home to customers to solve technical problems

Authorized by the owner,Equipment engineering can remote the direct analysis of the refrigeration system running status,Through professional data chart rapid positioning problem,Provide timely、Professional、Efficient technical service support。To check the case

Professional service,Improve competitive advantage

Digital tools to help improve the efficiency of products and services,To speed up the service response,Strengthen the professional service,Promote the competitiveness of the whole enterprise。To check the case

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Ice cube for various industries to provide refrigeration management solutions

Cold chain business

  • Meat cold storage

  • Fruit and vegetable cold storage

  • Aquatic products cold storage

  • Equipment cold storage

  • The supermarket frozen ark

  • Medicine, cold storage

Commercial central air conditioning

  • Production workshop air conditioning

  • The data room air conditioning

  • Building central air conditioning

Industrial refrigeration

  • Biological pharmaceutical

  • The dairy industry

  • Wine

  • Tobacco

  • Water and electricity

  • Coal

Regional installations, hot or cold

  • Air source heat pump

  • Water source heat pump

  • Ground source heat pump