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Company introduction

Fujian fuding hundred million tools manufacturing co., LTD is a professional hand tools manufacturer,Currently has250T、100T、80T、63TThe size of punch more than 10 units,The main productionQSSHand tractor、Manual winch、Vortex rod winch、The winch、Tight rope、The pulley、Chain tensioning device, such as more than 30 kinds of six series products,Annual production capacity of more than 30, ten thousand。After years of efforts,Cultivate a group of skilled workers,Improve the production process,Improve the quality of products。The company's products is complete、The price is reasonable、Timely delivery,Products are exported to Europe and the United States and southeast Asian countries,Customers agree。In this company“Development and innovation、Pragmatic and enterprising”For the purpose。 [More and more]

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