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Introduction to the group

       “Wan Derun,His breath ruixiang”!
       Group was founded2012Years,Headquarters is located in the hometown nie er yuxi city, yunnan province,The registered capital3000Yunnan Wan Hao enterprise management group of ten thousand yuan,Is a real estate、Tourism development、Agricultural science and technology、The modern logistics“The three major sections”The core business of the comprehensive enterprise management group。Group company:Yuxi auspicious real estate development co., LTD、Yunnan good modern agriculture development co., LTD、Yuxi Wan Hao industry &trade co., LTD、Embellish of yunnan yi real estate co., LTD、Wan Hao international holdings(Hong Kong)Co., LTD、Jiangchuan county star real estate development co., LTD、Yunnan auspicious lake tourism development co., LTD、Yunnan embellish the realty service co., LTD、Yunnan wan media co., LTD、Of yuxi's economic and trade co., LTD10Companies,Have all kinds of employees at all levels200More than one。
       Yunnan Wan Hao enterprise management group to casting and talent strategy for leading brands,Adhere to standardized management and development,Adhering to the“Duty achievements in the future•Honesty molded brand”The management idea,Based on three major parts,Multiple projects in parallel implementation。
       Yuxi“Jade garden ecological luxury”:In2014At the end of the year,Uphold the scientific built house、The concept of quality built home run jade garden ecological luxury,With high humanized design、Yuxi city high afforestation construction become a beautiful beautiful scenery line。 The project total investment of about14One hundred million yuan,Planning a total land area......

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